Online e-Learning

Study Space

We have study rooms and tables equipped with computers, tablets, printers and scanners to facilitate the student’s e-learning journey.


Our facilitators will be monitoring the students daily. They will provide reports on each student’s study progression and communicate with parents and SPM’s in UK on a monthly basis. They will assist the students should they need any help with their e-learning platform and also facilitate in monitoring assignments done.


We will help to create a working timetable for each student according the subjects and package chosen. Our facilitators will ensure that the timetable is strictly followed.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have our own in-house extra curricular activities :

Acrylic on Canvas, Felt Creations, Chess, Yoga & Speech & Drama.

A list of external ECA’s will also be provided upon sign-up.

Study Groups

We will help manage study groups for students at our centre. Students can utilize the facility to have their study sessions prior to their assignments.

Support Groups

We will create support groups for parents and students to ensure they have a well balanced environment including social interactions and activities. For example, we will help to organize outdoor activities such as badminton, tennis, basketball etc.

Why choose online e-learning homeschool?

  • Children could be unhappy or not coping in a large traditional school.
  • Extremely high international school fees.
  • Unable to follow lessons well, leading to extra tuition classes after school hours.
  • Unable to focus in class due to large number of students in each classroom.
  • Peer pressure, bullies.
  • Unsatisfactory teaching standards in school.
  • Tired of waking up early in the mornings to catch the bus only to spend another hour or so travelling to school.
  • Loads of homework.
  • Limited guidance during lesson time.
  • Unable to fit in, leading to social anxiety.


There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children. Some of the most common reasons include:



Homeschooling allows families to have more flexibility in their schedules and learning plans. Parents can create a curriculum that meets the unique needs and interests of their child and adjust the pace of learning as needed.



Homeschooling also allows for a more customized education. Parents can tailor their child’s education to their learning style and interests, which can result in a more engaging and effective learning experience.


Safety and well-being

Some parents choose to homeschool to provide a safer and more nurturing environment for their children, particularly if they have concerns about bullying, school violence, or other issues.


Academic performance

Some parents choose to homeschool because they feel that their child is not receiving an adequate education in a traditional school setting and want to ensure that their child reaches their full academic potential.



Some families choose to homeschool because it fits better with their lifestyle, such as if they travel frequently or have unique work schedules.


Religious or cultural reasons

Homeschooling can also be a way for families to incorporate their religious or cultural beliefs into their child’s education.